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Ramayana - Pages 21 and 22

Pages 21 and 22
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Add. MS 15296(1)

ff.126r (picture) and 129v (colophon page)

Despite his brother's entreaties to return to rule Ayodhya, Rama remains steadfast in adhering to his father's command. He persuades Bharata, who offered to remain in exile in Rama's place, to govern the kingdom until his return after fourteen years. Bharata resolves to dress and behave as an ascetic until then. He has Rama put on some sandals which he will take back to Ayodhya with him and in the name of which he will govern the kingdom. The two brothers and Sita bid farewell to Bharata and Satrughna, to the Brahmins and to the queens. The chariots and litters then proceed back to Ayodhya, with Bharata carrying Rama's sandals on his head. In Ayodhya the sandals are placed on the throne and treated as the reigning monarch.

The colophon in red states that the text was written by the Mahatma Hirananda and was commissioned by Acarya Jasvant for the inspection of (meaning for the library of) Maharana Jagat Singh I (of Mewar). It was finished on Friday 25 November 1650.

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