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Ramayana - Pages 53 and 54

Pages 53 and 54
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Add. MS 15297(1)

ff.97v (text) and 98r (picture)

Ravana's magician son Indrajit again advances on the monkey army, having brewed magic potions to make himself invisible at need. From his chariot and from the sky, where he is invisible, Indrajit overwhelms all the monkey leaders as well as Rama and Laksmana with his Brahma-weapons. They lie prostrate on the ground, riddled with arrows. Vibhisana and Hanuman seek out the wise bear Jambavan (also riddled with arrows), who tells Hanuman to look for the medicinal herbs which grow on the peaks of the Himalayas. Hanuman, using his power as the son of the wind god, assumes his true enormous size before taking off to cross the whole length of India.

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