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Ramayana - Pages 57 and 58

Pages 57 and 58
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Add. MS 15297(1)

ff.137v (text) and 138r (picture)

Cured of their wounds, the allies rejoin battle. Now Ravana's magician son Indrajit has finally been slain by Laksmana. Shaking off his grief, Ravana prepares himself for a final great effort. Having taken a bath within his tents, he emerges clad in golden armour and mounts his battle chariot drawn by eight white horses. Chowrie (fly-whisk) bearers, Brahmins, trumpet blowers and drummers salute him as he sets out with his troops.

The bath prior to a battle is a Rajput convention not in the Ramayana text. Sahib Din depicts Ravana's tents in the imperial Mogul colour of red which they alone were allowed to use.

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