Akiko Kimura

Akiko Kimura British Library
Information Analyst, Digital Preservation
Digital preservation, audio digitisation, web archiving

As Information Analyst in the Digital Preservation Team, Akiko gathers and analyses information relevant to the Library’s digital collections so that informed decisions about subsequent treatment can be made. Her role involves establishing and populating preservation databases with technical information.

Akiko joined the Digital Preservation Team in 2010 as Assistant, and has been involved in various research projects including the digital collection profiling project, risk assessment pilot, and a proof of concept project for disc-based content preservation. In 2017, she completed a secondment role as Workflow Support Officer for the Unlocking Our Sound Heritage project, where she played a key role in implementing the database and statistical dashboard to track the progress of the large scale audio digitisation project. She has also been involved in selective web archiving as Permissions Officer.