Andrew Longworth

Andrew Longworth
Digitisation Workflow Manager

Andrew joined the Library in 2015 as a member of the Digital Scholarship team, supporting various digitisation projects across the collection areas and working to standardise digitisation policies and processes in line with industry best practice.

He now manages the Heritage Made Digital team, which is responsible for maintaining an efficient and effective end-to-end digitisation workflow, overcoming any challenges that might be encountered when digitising the Library’s large and varied collection, whilst making the digitised content available to users from all over the world as openly as possible.

He has a background in mathematics, physics, history and law, and many years ago he worked in the University of Sydney's Fisher Library, where he has fond memories of stacking shelves and repairing books.

In between then and now he gained several years of editorial and product management experience in the mobile telecommunications industry, worked in healthcare as part of a paediatric oncology group, and also found time to co-found and publish a local arts and culture magazine.


Digital Scholarship

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