Ben Hadley

Ben Hadley
Subject Librarian, Social Sciences
Social Policy and Social Work; Law and Socio-legal Studies

Ben Hadley is a Social Sciences Subject librarian and specialises in Law and Social Policy content. He contributes to the development of onsite and online services at the British Library within the Content and Strategy Services team headed by Sally Halper.

Since 2015 he has worked with teams across the library, acquiring new content and improving access to existing services. Key activities include developing new content for the Social Welfare portal, a freely available collection of social policy reports and briefing papers on the British Library website. He has also promoted this collection at socio-legal training days and conferences.

Ben has extensive experience of archival collections at the British Library, and before joining Research Services he contributed to newspaper digitisation, manuscripts retrieval and Sound Archive preservation projects.

His academic background is in Film and Media Studies, and he has recently completed a postgraduate qualification within the field of Museum Studies.