Calum Cockburn

Photo of Calum Cockburn in front of the King's Tower.
Curator of Medieval Manuscripts
Digitisation, Old and Middle English, Fragmentology

Calum Cockburn is currently studying for a PhD in English Language and Literature at University College London. His research examines the representation of Hell in Old English literature and insular manuscript illumination between 700 and 1100. 

From July 2018 to July 2019, he held a postgraduate internship at the British Library, working for The Polonsky Foundation England and France Project, and subsequently became the digitisation officer for the Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts section, responsible for the digitisation and cataloguing of pre-1600 manuscript material. He was appointed Curator of Medieval Manuscripts in 2023. He also serves as the section's web content editor and is an editor and regular contributor to the British Library's Medieval Manuscripts blog



'Theatre and Drama'Discovering Our Collections (2022)

'Manuscript production in England and France'Medieval England and France, 700–1200 (2019)

'Old English after the Norman Conquest'Medieval England and France, 700–1200 (2019)