Dr Cara Rodway

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Deputy Head, Eccles Centre for American Studies
American Studies; 20th century US cultural history
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Treasurer, British Association for American Studies

Cara Rodway holds a PhD in American Studies from King’s College London. Her research centres on twentieth-century US social history, popular culture, and the formation of identity. Her doctoral thesis “Roadside Romance? The American Motel in Postwar Popular Culture” was an interdisciplinary project which examined the meaning of the conceptually and physically liminal motel space. She is currently working on a new project on the re-appropriation of vaudeville as a trope in mid-century film musicals.

Cara is the Assistant Head of the Eccles Centre for American Studies. The Centre has two broad aims: to increase awareness and use of the British Library's North American holdings, and to promote and support the study of North America in schools and universities in the United Kingdom. She manages the Centre's programme and outreach activities. More information on the Centre's work can be found on its website.

Cara is Treasurer of the British Association for American Studies. Before joining the Eccles Centre in 2013, she worked in Cultural Affairs at the US Embassy in London. From 2009-11, she was Lecturer in American Studies at King's College London. She has also worked at the Imperial War Museum, the Royal Opera House and for theatrical producer Sonia Friedman.



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Book reviews

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