Daniel van Strien

Living with Machines curator British Library
Digital Curator, Living with Machines

Daniel is a Digital Curator working on Living with Machines, a collaborative project involving the British Library, the Alan Turing Institute, and researchers from a range of UK universities. Living with Machines is a radical collaboration between data scientists, curators, historians, geographers and computational linguists. The project seeks to develop new methods, tools and ways of working with historical collections at scale to enable new insights into the impact of technological change during the Industrial Revolution.

As part of Living with Machines, Daniel will help to ensure that the tools and methods developed during the project are effectively developed, communicated and made available to researchers across disciplines and audiences.

Daniel is particularly interested in the use of Natural Language Processing methods on historic collections, the use of Deep Learning for researching and managing digital collections, and Open Science approaches to carrying out research and dissemination. 

Prior to joining the British Library, Daniel has extensive experience working on Research Data Management and Open Science, has contributed to the development of Library Carpentry and worked in specialist medical and legal library services.

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Living with Machines

Living with Machines

Major inter-disciplinary research project using data science and artificial intelligence to analyse the human impact of the industrial revolution

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