David A. Russo

Digital preservation British Library
Digital Preservation Technical Analyst
Digital preservation, software development, file format analysis, preservation planning

David specialises in the research and development of preservation software for use in the Library’s digital workflows, as well as the discovery of long-term preservation risks in digital collection items through file format analysis and other preservation planning activities.

Prior to joining the Library in 2016, David spent a number of years in various roles in commercial web development, but his unwavering interest in computer science, the technical underpinnings of information technology, and emulation, along with his love of history and literature, naturally led him to the Digital Preservation team of the British Library.

David now provides guidance on the best use of preservation tools around the Library, and regularly collaborates with the larger archival community to improve the features and quality of the open-source software the Library uses to ensure the long-term accessibility of its invaluable heritage.