Eyob Derillo

Eyob Derillo, Curator for the Ethiopic and Ethiopian Collections
Curator for the Ethiopic and Ethiopian Collections
Ethiopian Manuscripts and Modern and Contemporary Ethiopian Literature. Ethiopian Codicology, medical and magical. Ethiopian history 15th-19th century, Ethiopian manuscript illumination and Geez literature, liturgical and hagiographical texts of medieval period
Eyob is responsible for the British Library’s collections of printed Ethiopian books and Ethiopian manuscripts produced from 13th to early 20th century. Eyob has also co-curated the British Library’s highly acclaimed exhibition Harry Potter: History of Magic (2017). He recently curated the British Library's exhibition “African Scribes: Manuscript Culture of Ethiopia” (2018). The first exhibition to be held at the Library devoted entirely to Ethiopian manuscripts.


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Derillo, Eyob. (2019) ‘Traveling Medicine: Medieval Ethiopian Amulet Scrolls and Practitioners Handbooks’, Toward a global Middle Ages: encountering the world through illuminated manuscripts, pp.131-58. Published by J. Paul Getty Museum.