Hamish Todd

Hamish Todd
Head of East Asian Collections
Japanese and Korean bibliography
Related Offices
Japan Library Group (chair), Korea Library Group (member), British Association for Korean Studies (committee member), National Committee for Informations Resources on Asia (treasurer) , European Association of Japanese Resource Specialists (member), Committee on Japanese Materials of the Council of East Asian Libraries (USA) (member) and North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources (European liaison)

Hamish Todd leads the curatorial team responsible for the British Library’s collections from East Asia.

His research interests include the history of printing and the culture of the book in Japan and Korea, the history of the British Library’s Japanese and Korean collections, and early Anglo-Japanese relations.



  • ‘Minakata Kumagusu ga Daiei Toshokan ni kizō shita shoseki 南方熊楠が大英図書館に寄贈した書籍’ ['Books in the British Library donated by Minakata Kumagusu'], Kumagusu Works 熊楠ワークス, 36 (2010)
  • ‘The Satow Collection of Japanese Books in the British Library: its History and Significance’ in Daiei Toshokan shozō Chōsenbon oyobi Nihon kosho no bunkengakuteki, gogakuteki kenkyū  大英図書館所蔵朝鮮本及び日本古書の文献学的・語学的研究, ed. by Yukio Fujimoto (Toyama: Toyama Daigaku, 2007)
  • ‘Daiei Toshokan ni okeru Sanjūrokkasen 大英図書館における三十六歌仙’ ['Manuscripts of the ‘Thirty-Six Immortal Poets’  in the British Library'] in Gendai shoka no meihin to Heisei no Satake-bon Sanjūrokkasen 現代書家の名品と平成の佐竹本三十六歌仙 (Tokyo: Asahi Shinbunsha, 2001)
  • The British Library’s Sado Minings Scrolls’, The British Library Electronic Journal  (1998)


  • Hirado and the British in Japan (with Margaret Makepeace). Exhibition of British Library material relating to early English contacts with Japan (2013).
  • From East to West: Traditional East Asian and Contemporary European Printing (with Frances Wood) (2008)