Mr Jez Cope

Jez Cope British Library
Data Services Lead
research data management, research software, research infrastructure
Related Offices
Physical Sciences Data-Science Service (PSDS) Management Advisory Panel; DataCite Community Engagement Steering Group; Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) Workforce Development Committee; Certified Software/Data/Library Carpentry Instructor

Jez Cope is Data Services Lead in the British Library’s Research Infrastructure Services team. He is responsible for the Library’s research identifiers service in conjunction with DataCite, and for implementing the Research Data Strategy.

He has over 8 years of experience developing and delivering research data management services and strategies at research-intensive higher education institutions in the UK, as part of a long-term goal to help communicate and collaborate more effectively using technology; previous roles include research data management at University of Sheffield, Imperial College London and University of Bath. He graduated from Imperial College London with an MSci in Joint Mathematics & Computing.

He is an experienced teacher and is involved with grassroots-driven data & software skills training organisation The Carpentries, as a Certified Instructor and early contributor to Library Carpentry. He is particularly interested in elevating the status of research software alongside research data in the scholarly record, and helping researchers develop the skills to make the most of this. He is a Fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute, 2020 intake.

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