Dr Karen Limper-Herz

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Lead Curator, Incunabula and Sixteenth Century Printed Books
Incunabula and books printed up to 1600; the Grenville Library; bookbindings
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Honorary Secretary of the Bibliographical Society

I have worked with the Library's early printed books since 2000, and I am now responsible for its incunabula (books printed before 1501) and its books printed in the 16th century.

My main area of research is book history, and I am especially interested in the history of collecting incunabula in England and in contemporary and later bindings on incunabula. I completed a PhD on the library of The Right Honourable Thomas Grenville (1755-1846) and focused in particular on the growth and use of his collection, the bindings in his library, and his relationship with the British Museum.

In 2013/2014 I co-curated the Library's exhibition 'Georgians Revealed: Life, Style and the Making of Modern Britain', and I continue to take an interest in the Library's 18th century printed collections.

I regularly publish and speak about aspects of the Library's collections and my areas of research in the UK and abroad.



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