Katie Moruzzi

Katie Moruzzi
Intellectual Property Lawyer, Briffa
Katie works on our Get Ready for Business Growth scale-up programme and delivers the IP sessions. Katie is an intellectual property lawyer at Briffa who advises on all aspects of both contentious and non-contentious IP law, including matters relating to copyright, trade marks and design rights. She works on helping brands build and utilise their IP portfolio and assist in enforcing these rights against third parties.

What can people expect from your workshops?

“Our sessions are aimed particularity at SMEs who are keen to understand, develop and protect their IP while growing their business in the creative sector. During our sessions, we will provide a ‘back to basics’ run through of IP and then open the session up to a discussion so that the attendees can ask any questions they have that are specific to their business and we can discuss the most relevant topics.

We will do a quick IP audit of the attendee’s business so that they can identify what IP they have and what IP they need. We will also discuss how to protect, commercialise and enforce it. IP is both an invaluable asset for any business to have on its books and often, the value of a business lies within the IP so knowing how to properly protect and deal with it is crucial.”

What’s the one BIPC resource you love to recommend to people?

“Resources that I recommend at the BIPC are the great workshops and events which are provided for businesses to learn new skills and meet like-minded individuals. This kind of first-hand advice and knowledge is invaluable when growing your business.”

Your best piece of business advice?

“Always back yourself.”

Tell us something about you.

“Outside of work you can find me probably somewhere they sell tacos!"


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