Dr Katya Rogatchevskaia

Katya Rogatchevskaia
Lead Curator East European Collections
Russian studies
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Council for Slavonic and East European Library and Information Services (chair)

Research interests:

Research interests: Russian medieval literature;  Russian emigré writers; Mark Aldanov. Information policy of the Russian Federation. History of the British Library Slavonic collections; digitisation of Slavonic material. Use of electronic resources.



  • ‘The collection of Russian Émigré literature (1853-1917) in the British Library', Solanus. New Series, Vol. 20, 2006, 55-71.
  • Igor's Tale (2008), Avvakum Petrov (2010), Avvakum Petrov: Zhitie protopopa Avvakuma im samim napisannoe i drugie ego sochineniia [The Life of Avvakum, written by himself] (2010), Mark Aldanov (2015), Vera Muromtseva-Bunina (2018), and Svetlana Alexievich (2019) for The Literary Encyclopedia (ISSN 1747-678X)
  • Associate editor – ‘The Book in the Slavonic and the East European World’ for Oxford Companion for the Book, ed. by Michael Suarez and HW Woudhuysen (OUP, 2010).
  • 'The Balkans' (with Aleksandra B. Vraneš). The Book : A Global History (ed. Michael Suarez and HW Woudhuysen), (OUP, 2013), 502-511.
  • 'Mark Aldanov v zhurnale “Sovremennye Zapiski”', Vokrug redaktsionnogo arkhiva “Sovremennykh zapisok," Parizh, 1920-1940: sbornik stateĭ i materialov (ed. O. Korostelev, M. Shruba). (Moscow: Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, 2010).
  • ‘”Sovremennye zapiski, s kotorymi ia tak sviazan”… M.A. Aldanov’ (publication and commentaries), “Sovremennye zapiski” [Parizh, 1920-1940]: iz arkhiva redaktsii (ed. O. Korostelev, M. Shruba). Vol.2. (Moscow: Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, 2012), 32-132. SBN: 978-5-86793-801-7. 
  • “Don’t Panic: Reading literature in the Digital Age” in: The Edge of the Precipice Why Read Literature in the Digital Age? (ed.Paul Socken). (McGill-Queen's University Press, 2013), 192-206. ISBN 9780773541788. 
  • ‘“The most important books which, I would strongly recommend to acquire” <…> : Petr Kropotkin and Vladimir Burtsev in correspondence with the British Museum  Library’  eBLJ 2013, Article 9


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