Kay Kukoyi

Kay Kukoyi
Founder of Purposeful Group
Kay is the founder of Purposeful Group, an award-winning centre for learning focused on entrepreneurship, technology and digital skills training for entrepreneurs and digital learners around the world. They offer a range of books, professional mentoring with a qualified coach, and more than 40 specialist workshops and programmes.

How did you become involved in delivering events for the BIPC?

“My first project with the British Library in 2019 involved delivering a ‘Train the Trainer’ workshop to support the teams providing help to entrepreneurs via local libraries. My goal was to knowledge share and explain some of the specific challenges faced by founders trying to establish tech start-up businesses. This led to me running several different workshops for the BIPC focused on tech, digital skills and building web and mobile apps which I have been doing for several years now.
The BIPC is an amazing resource for businesses, so I was really happy to get involved and to be able to reach a wide range of people seeking business support.
On a separate note, since 2017, the British Library has stocked three of the books that I have written for entrepreneurs and businesses!”

What’s the one BIPC resource you love to recommend to people?

“I often talk about the advice that founders can get about intellectual property (IP). Receiving guidance early on means that entrepreneurs are better informed on the topic, and are more likely to avoid costly mistakes.
The BIPC is also the gateway to a wide range of databases offering business insights, reports and research (such as Mintel or Orbis) which can be accessed free of charge. Tell a librarian what sorts of data or market insights you're seeking and they can direct you to the most appropriate database(s).”

Your best piece of business advice?

“There are so many types and stages of business and different advice applies at different times. However, one piece of advice that has stayed with me is:
‘In business you get what you want by giving other people what they want.’ Alice Foote MacDougall. This is a great piece of advice for newbie entrepreneurs - focus on customer needs.
You make money by pleasing your customers, not yourself! Don't get overly attached to your idea - you need to be flexible and to be prepared to adapt or even drop your original idea for better options that truly serve your target customers.”

Tell us something about you.

“If I'm not at home I'm either on a long walk (I regularly walk 7 - 10k or further). You might also find me at the park speed-skipping, or trying out a new restaurant!”


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