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Luke McKernan
Lead Curator, News and Moving Image
News and moving image
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Trustee of the Yorkshire Film Archive, council member for IAMHIST (International Association for Media and History), Associate Editor for Early Popular Visual Culture, British Library representative for Film Archives UK.
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I am a media historian with a particular interest in the late 19th and early 20th century. Interests include: early film history, newsreels, World War One propaganda and audience studies. Most of all, I am interested in how the different media come together, historically and today, and what this means for research and archives.



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  • Charles Urban: Pioneering the Non-Fiction Film in Britain and America, 1897-1925 (Exeter: University of Exeter Press, 2013)
  • Shakespeare on Film, Television and Radio: The Researcher’s Guide (London: BUFVC, 2009] [co-editor with Eve-Marie Oesterlen and Olwen Terris]
  • Yesterday’s News: The British Cinema Newsreel Reader (London: BUFVC, 2002) [editor]
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  • Topical Budget: The Great British News Film (London: BFI, 1992)

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