Dr Margaret Makepeace

British Library India Office
Lead Curator, East India Company Records
India Office Records
Related Offices
Honorary Archivist of the Hakluyt Society, Member of Editorial Board for Adam Matthew‘s East India Company digital resource

Margaret has worked with the collections in the India Office Records since 1979 and is a qualified archivist.  She has written about a variety of aspects of the history of the East India Company and is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

Her main research interests currently are:

  • The East India Company in London
  • Family history in India and Britain
  • 19th century social history

She has participated in public history initiatives, serving on the Advisory Board for the project East India Company at Home 1757-1857. As well as undertaking outreach activities aimed at bringing the India Office Records to new audiences both in the UK and overseas, she has worked on the development of online archival catalogues and of digital document collections.

Margaret manages, and is a major contributor to, the British Library history blog Untold Lives which draws out from the shadows little-known stories from the past.


  • The East India Company’s London workers: management of the warehouse labourers, 1800-1858 (Woodbridge: Boydell, 2010)
  •  Armenian Merchants of the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries: English East India Company sources (Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society, 1998) [joint editor with Professor Vahé Baladouni]
  • Trade on the Guinea Coast 1657-1666: the correspondence of the English East India Company (University of Wisconsin, 1991)

  • ‘Creating Collaboration: Accessing the Archive’, in Margot Finn and Kate Smith, New Paths to Public Histories (2015) [joint author with Georgina Green]
  • ‘Sources for London history at the India Office Library and Records’, London Topographical Record vol. xxvi (1990)
  •  ‘English Traders on the Guinea Coast, 1657-1668: An analysis of the East India Company Archive’, History in Africa 16 (1989)

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