Maureen E. Pennock

Maureen Pennock Digital Preservation
Head of Digital Preservation
Digital preservation & digital archiving, digital collection management, strategy, policy, authenticity in a digital environment
Related Offices
Board Director, Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC); Executive Councillor, BitCurator Consortium; Honorary Teaching Fellow, University of Dundee

Senior digital cultural heritage professional with over fifteen years of practical and management experience in digital curation, archiving and preservation initiatives across international cultural heritage and HE sectors. 

Maureen has been instrumental in building and developing the Library's Digital Preservation team into a sustainable intra-organisational service whilst directing Library input to external national and international digital preservation initiatives. 

She is an active member of the iPres digital preservation conference programme committee, serving also on the organising committee for the 2015 and 2018 conferences. She is Chair of the DPC Sustainability & Governance sub-committee and a regular member of the judging panel for the bi-annual international Digital Preservation Awards. 

Prior to joining the Library she worked at the University of Bath and the National Archives of the Netherlands. Maureen holds a BA and an MA, awarded by the University of Kent.


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