Nicola Millington

Nicola Millington
FP Comms
FP Comms - award-winning boutique PR agency representing high-yielding ethical brands, and businesses you need to pay attention to.

How did you become involved in delivering events for the BIPC?

“We were first introduced to BIPC through a member of staff, who attended one of our Fire PR Club PR Masterclasses, and they approached me about hosting a workshop for small businesses. The success of the workshops encouraged them to share our information with their team and from there we proceeded to build a relationship and eventually hosting a number of PR sessions to help other business owners.

For FP Comms It's wonderful to see how our connection has led to hosting workshops for small businesses and eventually expanding our reach to help other business owners with PR training session and masterclasses. We always tell other business owners about the importance of building relationships, and trust and building a business based on ethics.  For us sharing knowledge, and experiences, can have a significant impact on the success of small businesses. It's impressive how a single interaction and a positive experience can lead to further opportunities and growth.”

What’s the one BIPC resource you love to recommend to people?

“The BIPC offers a range of valuable resources and services to support individuals in their business and intellectual property endeavours. One specific resource offered by the BIPC that is often under-utilised is the market research service. I love COBRA, an online tool that helps with market research.

Market research is a critical component of any business strategy, helping entrepreneurs gain insights into their target markets, competitors, and customer preferences. The BIPC provides access to a wide range of market research databases and tools that can help businesses make informed decisions and develop effective marketing strategies.”

Your best piece of business advice?

“To grow in business, you need to think macro and not just micro. Additionally, the importance to have a strategy.”

Tell us something about you.

“I am most likely to be found in social settings, dancing and eating at nice restaurants. But I also enjoy cycling across London socially.”



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