Paul Lindley OBE

Paul Lindley OBE
Founder of Ella's Kitchen

Paul Lindley is the founder of Ella’s Kitchen.

What is your business background?

I was a qualified chartered accountant who became a TV executive, brand expert, entrepreneur, investor, board director, but above all, vocal advocate for the power of business to do good for the world. I am interested in making the world richer in ideas, kindness and opportunities and know that business, especially entrepreneurship, is the best place to deliver this better world. I love innovation in mission-led, purpose-driven and people-centred businesses – it’s such companies that do change the world.

What made you want to be a BIPC Ambassador?

I wanted to become a BIPC Ambassador due to the opportunity to help build awareness of the fantastic organisation and resource that British entrepreneurs can use, for free. These can help entrepreneurs navigate their best future with expertise, networks, access and knowledge. And to be duly inspired along the way.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

I wrote, executively produced and appeared on a song by internationally acclaimed hip-hop artist and ex-child soldier Emmanuel jal called Every Child’s Plate.

Advice you would give a business owner just starting out on their journey

The best piece of business advice I’ve heard is from Sir Ken Morrison, founder of Morrisons: Keep your head in the sky: dream, image and discover, but keep your feet on the ground: be humble, thankful and appreciative of the vital help of others through teamwork.

Your most surreal moment in business?

I’ve had a number of surreal moments in business, the main ones are each of the conversations I’ve had with two queens, two prime ministers, seven presidents and a UN Secretary General about Ella’s Kitchen – a thing that once was nothing more than a tiny idea in my head.

Most likely to be found at/in…

A battle with the mute and un-mute button on a Zoom call near you soon.


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