Paul Skinner

Paul Skinner
Lead Curator, Philatelic Collections
Philatelic studies

I started in a commercial environment, working with several international philatelic auctioneers, specialising in the stamps and postal history of foreign countries, and of Great Britain. I joined the British Library in 2004 as a curator of Philatelic Collections.

I am interested in the development of the technology used for security printing and stamp production, as well as all aspects of the social, geo-political, and historic content of philately.

I have worked on exhibitions including The British Library Philatelic Rarities (2010), and Good Graving is the best security (2014).



  • 'The philatelic bounty of Pitcairn Islands', Stamp & Coin Mart (September, 2011), 66-67
  • 'Northern Rhodesia 1963: apparent double printing', The London Philatelist, 117 (2008) [with Alan Drysdall]


  • The RPSL Museum Catalogue 2011 (London: The Royal Philatelic Society London, 2011) DVD [with Geoff Eibyl-Kaye, Ken Dore and Alan Drysdall]