Michael Murdoch and Robbie Dale

Robbie Dale and Michael Murdoch
Co-founders of The House

Michael and Robbie run webinars alongside the BIPC, including Story Cube, which can help to refine your brand strategy, tell your story and increase sales. Michael founded The House branding and marketing agency in 2009 and has been a Brand Strategist for nearly 20 years working with emerging and established organisations around the world.

Robbie is a creative director and writer with nearly 20 years’ experience who was named in both the inaugural BIMA Hot 100 and Drum Digerati for his input into the British digital marketing industry.

What can people expect from your session?

“During this interactive webinar, we'll teach you the principles behind successful brands, giving you practical tips to shape your own story without spending a small fortune. You'll get hands-on with your brand, to help you create your strong and succinct story. In our workshop you’ll learn:
• The six killer questions you need to answer to better tell your story
• How to answer the questions via tips, exercises and examples
• How to articulate your Value Proposition clearly and succinctly
• How to test and validate your ideas about your brand
• How to differentiate your brand and stand out from the competition in the real world.”


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