Robert Foster

Robert Foster
Co-founder Red Ochre

Robert works on our Get Ready for Business Growth scale-up programme and delivers the Growth Strategy workshops and one-to-ones. Robert is the co-founder of management consultancy Red Ochre.

Before that, he spent several years in the commercial sector working for big and small companies in technology, marketing, publishing, equities, pharmaceuticals and medical education and is interested in how organisations create, quantify and share value. He advises and consults with local authorities, infrastructure bodies, commercial companies, social enterprises, and charitable and impact investors to help them achieve their aims.

What can people expect from your workshops?

“My one-to-one session is Growth Strategy and it’s designed to support owner managers and founders to consider options to grow their businesses, and begin to implement those options. The workshop I run is Business Modelling. It’s designed for owner managers and founders to clearly understand their business, and how it may be developed or changed in a controlled and structured way.

Participants in the Growth Strategy one-to-one sessions can expect a critical and supportive friend. Together we will explore options for growth including internal efficiencies, marketing and sales strategies, new product development and introductions, geographical expansions and others. We will explore the areas of their business that limit growth, and what resources and actions they need to take to grow their business.

In the Strategy and Business Modelling workshop we introduce business models to help entrepreneurs gain a clearer understanding of how different parts of their business work together to create value. Participants will be able to use simple methods to test, change and innovate in their enterprise.”

Your best piece of business advice?

“I have two:
⭐Be broad of vision and narrow of focus
⭐Strive for perfection and settle for excellence."


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