Dr Simone Bacchini

Simone Bacchini British Library
Subject Librarian: Arts and Humanities
Health communication, history of medicine, and linguistics

Simone specialises in linguistics and communication. He was awarded a B.A. Hons in Language and Communication from Cardiff University, an M.st in General Linguistics and Comparative Philology from the University of Oxford and a PhD in linguistics by Queen Mary, University on London.

His main research interests are sociolinguistics, Systemic Functional Grammar, discourse analysis, health communication, and narrative approaches to discourse.
He is also interested in age and ageing, especially in relation to communication and the representation of age.
He is currently Editor-in-Chief of the journal Working With Older People.

His current role at the Library is subject specialist in Arts & Humanities, with a focus on health communication, history of medicine, and linguistics.

Simone has co-supervised research carried out at the British Library by placement students on topics such as the representation of Paralympians in Chinese newspapers during the Beijing Olympics, and of the representation of female athletes during the London 2012 Olympics.