Tim Armitage

Tim Armitage
Acquisitions Officer Purchased Monographs
Exploitation of British Library resources to produce monographic, journal and metadata publications

Tim received a degree in librarianship in 1982 and entered Purchased Monographs in 1988 where he was able to develop a wide range of contacts and knowledge of the Library's research resources and equipment. This enabled him to produce publications based on the Library's resources and the Library financially supported his qualification in desk top publishing for this to be done.

Tim is a researcher and speaker with the Historical Breechloading Small Arms Association (HBSA), which is a learned society. The fundamental aims of the HBSA are the preservation of breechloading firearms as well as advising on care and conservation. The society acts as a forum for the exchange of information in the study of historical small arms through lectures, research reports and monthly lectures. These lectures are held at the Royal Armouries, Leeds.

Tim is currently working on a project to illustrate how to research British Library resources based on items from his own military collection, which will also be photographed.


  • 'Full dress sword belt, Volunteer Staff Officer, Colony of Victoria. Staff pattern' (Boston Spa: Tim R Armitage, 2017 [online resource])

  • 'Zielfernrohr für Maschinengewehr 34B' (Boston Spa: Tim R Armitage, 2017)

  • 'British waist belt clasps and complete belts: a guide to using the British Library resources through the author’s collection of waist belt clasps and complete belts' (Boston Spa: T Armitage, 2017) 

  • “Vorsatzfernrohr MG Zieleinrichtung ancillary telescopic sight”, The Armourer (Jan. 2003), 63-64
  • A Kenyon family biography: naval history as seen through an officer's cap the life story of Guy Victor Kenyon 1887-1969 (Leeds: British Library, 2001)