Torsten Reimer

Head and shoulders photo of Dr Torsten Reimer
Head of Content and Research Services

Areas of responsibility 

As a member of the British Library’s Strategic Leadership team, the Head of Content and Research Services is responsible for the development of our contemporary collections and services for researchers and research organisations, onsite and online. He oversees the Library’s content and research services strategies, contemporary acquisitions, processing of content including legal deposit, our approach to the discovery, long-term access and use of content as well as related scholarly infrastructures. Torsten is the Library’s strategic expert for scholarly communications, including open access, research data and alternative publishing models.

The Content and Research Services department includes the following functions:

  • Content Acquisition and Licencing: the team responsible for acquisitions, licensing and processing of content including legal deposit 
  • Digital Preservation: the team that ensures long-term access and use of our digital collection
  • Everything Available: the programme office and support function for “Everything Available”, one of the Library’s five strategic business change management portfolios
  • Research Infrastructure Services: the team developing the Library’s data, discovery, persistent identifier, repository and scholarly communications services
  • Research Services & Content Strategy: the team that develops the Library’s Content Strategy and leads on user research across our research audiences
  • Research User Services: the subject librarian team that develops content and services for users across all discipline

Areas of expertise

Torsten’s academic background is in history and digital humanities. He holds a PhD in history from the University of Munich, where he founded pioneering digital humanities and scholarly communication services. Torsten joined the British Library from Imperial College London, where he was responsible for the scholarly communications strategy and development of open access and research data services. Previously he was a programme manager at Jisc, focusing on digital infrastructure for research, and co-ordinator at a national digital research network based at King’s College London.

Torsten actively engages in the global communities relating to issues like scholarly information and research infrastructure, including roles like:

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Journal articles

Oberländer, A. and Reimer, T. (2019) ‘Open Access and the Library’, Publications. 7(1), article 3.

Edited journal issues

Ilva, J., Krznarich, L., Lindholm, J. and Reimer, T. (Eds.) (2020) Special Issue "14th International Conference on Open Repositories 2019 – All The User Needs" [Special issue]. Publications, 8(2).

Oberländer, A. and Reimer, T. (Eds.) (2019) Special Issue "Open access and the library" [Special issue]. Publications, 7(1).

Conference papers

Reimer, T., (2020, October). On the verge of success – or failure? Repositories and the wider knowledge infrastructure, plus a bit about Hyku. Keynote presentation at Samvera Connect (Online) 2020.

Reimer, T. and Madden, F. (2019). “From Standard to Community Resource: A View on ISNIs and ORG IDs”. Zenodo, 25 January.


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