A view of Killaru churchyard on the Isle of Islay by John Cleveley, junior.


How did amateurs, collectors and enthusiasts record the past before the development of history as a modern discipline?

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Summary: Four men resting on stones in the foreground, with the River Arveiron rising from a glacier in the background; within wash border.  Summary: Titled ‘Vue de la Source de l'Arveron, par Hackert’ in the Catalogue of the Maps, Prints, Drawings, etc., forming the geographical and topographical collection attached to the Library of his late Majesty King George the third, etc., London, 1829.


Idyllic views, working landscapes and natural wonders: explore the allure of picturing the countryside.

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Bird's Eye View of Hameln Fort, Germany

Military and maritime

Before photography, what role did handmade images play in military and maritime enterprise?

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A fiery orange landscape

Science and nature

Discover images of the natural world treated as objects of fascination.

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Wenceslaus Hollar's 1675 map of the city of London, Westminster and Southwark after the Great Fire

Town and city

Pictures of the built environment: how do they reveal religious, political and social history?

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Interior View of the East End of Netley Abbey near Southampton. Summary: A man sketching and a woman standing in the interior of the ruins of Netley Abbey; trees and foliage throughout the scene. Inscribed with title in black ink on verso. Inscribed 'O' in black ink on verso.

Transforming topography

Changing ideas about the nature and purpose of views and records of place.

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