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5 October 2012: Thank you everyone who made a contribution. Pin-a-Tale is no longer accepting entries.

Pin-a-Tale was an online crowd-sourcing initiative that sought to connect our individual experiences of writing and place, and pin them to a searchable map. We welcomed contributions from Ireland and the Channel Islands in celebration of the close cultural and literary relationship between all these islands.

We asked people to choose a literary work from any period and in any form that relates to a specific location in the British and Irish Isles and to tell us how the author captured the spirit of the place. The results can be explored here.

Pin-a-Tale has been added to our digital collections for re-use by researchers (under Creative Commons Dedication).

The use of the CC0 dedication means that contributors place no restrictions on any subsequent re-use of the uploaded content and will therefore enable the contributions to be used as part of an aggregated dataset by researchers. However, attribution will always be given to individual contributions on the British Library’s website, and we will also request others to attribute where possible.