ball games

Ball games

Ball games have a long cultural history, discover more about their past and the ways in which they feature in modern day playgrounds.

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Clapping games

Explore the history, variety and continued development of this important and popular genre of play.

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Influences on children's play

As adults we are all influenced by day-to-day world around us, children are no exception. Children's play is impacted by many factors including the media, fashion, books, gender and ethnicity – view the videos below to explore more.

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counting out

Counting out rhymes

Over the decades children have developed their own ways of democratically deciding who is to be 'it' or in which team, discover more here.

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Jokes and rude rhymes

Humour plays an important role in children's play and their development of verbal and social skills – explore the role of jokes and rude rhymes in the playground.

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playing with things

Playing with things

Children can develop seemingly endless games based around physical objects they see around them.

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pretend play

Pretend play

Children can use pretend play to explore a myrid of situations from bereavement to cooking a meal, flying a spaceship to caring for a baby. Discover more about this important aspect of childhood.

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Running around games

Running around games

Running around is perennially popular among children, explore the ways children often structure and develop these games.

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singing and dancing

Singing and dancing

Many of the singing and dancing games that children play today have long and convoluted histories, learn more about this genre of play here.

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Skipping games

Once the most popular games in Britain, skipping games have seen a recent decline in playground popularity. Explore more about their history, development and benefits here.

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