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Far back in history, during the Middle Ages, dancing games were ‘courting rituals’ – ways for boys and girls to meet their future husbands and wives. Today, most children just play these games for fun. There are many different kinds of singing and dancing games performed in playgrounds: some might be hundreds of years old like ‘ring-a-roses’ or ‘London bridge is falling down’; Others might be very new and based on favourite pop songs or television shows such as X Factor.

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Child 1:

About 300 years ago children of all ages played the ‘London Bridge’. ‘London Bridge’ is still played today but only by little children.

Child 2:

Another historic song is ‘Ring a-Ring O-Roses’.

Child 3:

Around 70 years ago the ‘Hokey Cokey’ was a pop song, it was a hit song in the US and the UK. Pop songs have influenced many songs we sing in the playground like ‘We Will Rock You’. One song we sing at our school is the ‘Penguin Song’.

All: [Singing].

Have you ever seen a penguin come to tea?
Take a look at me, a penguin you will see.

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