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February 2016

Children’s authors dominate loans from UK public libraries

PLR announces most popular audio-books in UK public libraries

Tracking the borrowing habits of the nation

February 2015

What books are library-users borrowing?

What’s great about your local library?

Tracking the borrowing habits of the nation

February 2014

Shades of Grey, the Wimpy Kid and a magnificent seventh for James Patterson

Library loans and the “Fifty Shades” effect

Ask LEWIS - tracking the borrowing habits of the nation

February 2013

US writers smother UK rivals when it comes to bodies in the library

Children's writers rule in PLR's most borrowed authors list

30 years of worth - PLR marks three decades of payments to authors

Ask LEWIS - tracking the borrowing habits of the nation

February 2012

Children's writers ride high in PLR's most borrowed authors list

It's criminal - latest PLR data reveals huge popularity of US crime novels and thrillers with UK borrowers

Ask LEWIS - tracking the borrowing habits of the nation

February 2011

UK children's writers dominate PLR's most borrowed authors list

Ask LEWIS - tracking the borrowing habits of the nation

February 2010

Jacqueline Wilson is the most borrowed author of the last decade

Happy Valentine's Day! Latest PLR data reveals our romantic reading habits

Most borrowed vs most bought 1999 - 2009

November 2009

1979 - 2009: PLR celebrates 30 years of supporting Scottish authors

June 2009

Bestselling author Tracy Chevalier visits Teesside to mark PLR's 30th anniversary

February 2009

James Patterson is UK's most borrowed author

As PLR celebrates its 30th anniversary: “We need PLR more than ever”, says writers

30 `pearls' about PLR: Did you know that...?

Public Lending Right at 30

Are reading habits regional?

PLR: A parallel timeline

February 2008

James Patterson topples Jacqueline Wilson to become UK's most borrowed author

The PLR lifeline: What PLR payments and libraries mean to authors

December 2007

PLR launches new advocacy booklet inviting writers to talk

May 2007

Life gets simpler and more cost-effective for authors (PLR launches new and improved online registration service)

February 2007

Jacqueline Wilson retains crown as UK's most borrowed author

Revealed: the authors with staying power 

Ask LEWIS - tracking the borrowing habits of the nation

A decade of data from Public Lending Right

February 2006

Jacqueline Wilson: UK's most borrowed author for third year running

UK library borrowers turn to crime 

Ask LEWIS - tracking the borrowing habits of the nation

February 2005

Jacqueline Wilson is still the borrowers' choice 

'Borrowers recommend' 

Ask LEWIS - tracking the borrowing habits of the nation

February 2004

Wilson topples Cookson

May 2004

Supporting a creative nation - serving authors for 25 years

November 2004

Supporting a creative nation - serving authors in partnership with public libraries for 25 years

April 2003

Welcome boost to authors' earnings as PLR announces substantial rate increase 

Cookson's 17-year reign under threat: Who is her heir apparent?

February 2002

What's the nation really reading?

February 2001

Public Lending Right - the difference it makes

February 2000

Children's authors more popular than ever

January 1999

The PLR Scheme 20 years on

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Update on Public Lending Right (PLR) review

19 March 2018

The new PLR Operations Team has now been recruited

Advisory Committee for Public Lending Right - vacancy for appointed member

14 March 2018

The British Library is looking to appoint a new member to its PLR Advisory Committee

Authors' Incomes: Top Tips

12 March 2018

Authors and experts share their advice for establishing and maintaining your income as an author

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PLR case studies

…“The financial support is invaluable – translators don’t always get a royalty so PLR is really precious. Equally important is the symbolic recognition of our stake in a book. While it is taken for granted that an author has a stake in a book it is not always remembered that a translator does too.”…

Daniel Hahn, translator and writer, registered for PLR on the publication of his first translation. He values highly the existence of the built-in PLR share to which all translators are entitled. Having translated 35 books and written several others since 2007, Daniel outlined his career as a translator and how he works.

…“I expected pennies and I got pounds! Quite a few more than I had expected. How many times in somebodies life do you get something for nothing?”…

Audio-book narrator Jeff Harding, registered for his PLR share in an astonishing 658 audio books when the extension of UK PLR to non-print material was first introduced in July 2014. He currently has over 700 titles registered. Jeff describes the skills of narration and explains what PLR means to him.

…Tracy Chevalier, Alexis Deacon and S F Said tells us why it is important that contributors register for PLR, how easy it is to apply and the value of PLR to them.…

Watch our short video in which authors Tracy Chevalier and S F Said and writer / illustrator Alexis Deacon talk about why eligible contributors should register for payment through the government-funded PLR scheme.