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The British Library Advisory Committee for PLR

The British Library has established an Advisory Committee for PLR following its assumption of responsibility for PLR in October 2013. The Committee exists to provide advice to the PLR Management Team and the British Library Board on the operation of the UK PLR Scheme. The Committee consists of an independent Chair and six members representing PLR's key stakeholder groups.  Further details can be found in the Committee's Terms of Reference.  The Committee is keen to hear from authors who have views on the UK Scheme and its administration by the PLR office. Any views may be communicated to PLR by completing our Feedback form for passing on to the committee.



Tom Holland - Author


Alexis Deacon - Author and Illustrator

Hilary Delamere - Literary Agent

Daniel Hahn - Author and Translator (representing the Society of Authors)

Ayub Khan - Customer Service Manager (Face to Face), Warwickshire Libraries (nominated by the Society of Chief Librarians)

Alison Wheeler - Chief Executive Officer, Suffolk Libraries (nominated by the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals)

Nick Yapp - Author (nominated by the Writers' Guild of Great Britain)

In attendance

Members of staff from the British Library may attend the Committee meetings, including PLR's Head of Policy & Engagement, Head of PLR Operations, PLR's Operations and Marketing Manager and the British Library's Head of Operations North.


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PLR is the right for authors to receive payment for the loans of their books by public libraries

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UK PLR payments update

1 February 2019

Over 22,000 authors have received a payment through UK PLR

Advisory Committee for PLR - new member

3 December 2018

Writer and translator Daniel Hahn appointed to the PLR Advisory Committee

Most borrowed authors and books in UK libraries

27 July 2018

The latest annual data shows the most borrowed authors and books in UK public libraries during 2016-17

Advisory Committee for PLR - new member

11 June 2018

Writer and illustrator Alexis Deacon appointed to the PLR Advisory Committee

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PLR case studies

…“The financial support is invaluable – translators don’t always get a royalty so PLR is really precious. Equally important is the symbolic recognition of our stake in a book. While it is taken for granted that an author has a stake in a book it is not always remembered that a translator does too.”…

Daniel Hahn, translator and writer, registered for PLR on the publication of his first translation. He values highly the existence of the built-in PLR share to which all translators are entitled. Having translated 35 books and written several others since 2007, Daniel outlined his career as a translator and how he works.

…“I expected pennies and I got pounds! Quite a few more than I had expected. How many times in somebodies life do you get something for nothing?”…

Audio-book narrator Jeff Harding, registered for his PLR share in an astonishing 658 audio books when the extension of UK PLR to non-print material was first introduced in July 2014. He currently has over 700 titles registered. Jeff describes the skills of narration and explains what PLR means to him.

…Tracy Chevalier, Alexis Deacon and S F Said tells us why it is important that contributors register for PLR, how easy it is to apply and the value of PLR to them.…

Watch our short video in which authors Tracy Chevalier and S F Said and writer / illustrator Alexis Deacon talk about why eligible contributors should register for payment through the government-funded PLR scheme.