Most popular library loans

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Every year we release data revealing the most popular authors and titles borrowed from UK public libraries.

The latest library loans data was announced in May 2020 and refers to the 2018/19 PLR year. Read the press release.

For a quick snapshot of the latest loans data download our 2018-19 UK chart toppers guide (PDF). This shows the most borrowed authors and titles, including number one title by genre, top audiobooks and more. For similar data from previous years visit our chart toppers archive.

Information on the most borrowed authors and books in Irish public libraries can be found on the Irish PLR website.

Most popular authors

See the latest data on the most borrowed authors in UK public libraries. These lists include authors who are registered with PLR as well as others who are dead or ineligible for remuneration under the PLR Scheme.

Browse the most borrowed authors archive.

Most popular titles

Our library sample also provides fascinating insights into the most borrowed titles from UK public libraries. Titles are included in these listings whether or not the authors are eligible to register books for PLR. See the 2018-19 top 200 titles (adult and children’s combined) (PDF).

The latest data included e-books and e-audiobook data for the first time. See the 2018-19 Top 20 e-books and audiobooks (PDF).

Our library sample also enables us to make regional comparisons. What's happening in your local library? (PDF). The following regional listings are based on the nine government regions for England plus Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Browse the most borrowed titles archive.

Most popular illustrators

As well as most borrowed authors and titles our sample also provides us with details of popular illustrators. Illustrators are included in these listings whether or not the authors are eligible to register books for PLR.

Due to ongoing development work on the PLR system, we have been unable to produce the 2019-2020 UK loans of book by category using the book trade’s standard BIC (Book Industry Communications) subject categories. Explore our loans by category archive.


Publications and data made available under the PLR office's Freedom of Information scheme