Apprenticeships at the British Library


Applications for our Apprenticeship Scheme are now closed

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What opportunities are on offer?

There will be opportunities on offer through two skills pathways:

  • Digital Skills - we are at the cutting edge in managing digital content, always exploring new ways of working to respond to advancing technologies
  • Commercial and Service Skills – we are growing and developing all the time, both in the innovative ways in which we work and the services we offer.

What will I learn?

Digital Skills:

  • How to use digital office technologies, productivity software, digital communications, including collaborative technologies, and digital information systems
  • How to support productive use of technology, using tools to problem solve and trouble shoot IT problems, setting people up on systems and rectifying issues
  • How to build simple software components (whether web, mobile or desktop applications) as part of larger software development projects, interpret simple design requirements, implement code and learn how to test components.

Commercial and Service Skills:

  • How to respond to requests, feedback and queries
  • How to develop and share your expert knowledge of our services and what we do, collect and analyse data to help us keep improving and responding to change
  • How to use IT systems and be aware of digital technologies and support our administrative and operational functions.

What is an apprenticeship?

  • A paid job for at least 30 hours per week with training and study
  • An opportunity to learn from experienced staff
  • A great start, whether you’re just leaving school or changing career.

Our apprenticeships last between 12 - 24 months and are accredited against an approved apprenticeship standard or framework at Level 3. Once you have completed your apprenticeship your next step could be applying for a higher level apprenticeship (these are now offered all the way up to degree and postgraduate level), applying for a college or university course or entry to the job market.

Why do an apprenticeship at the British Library?

We work hard to share our vast collection with everyone, both in the UK and across the world. Our collection includes books, newspapers, music, sound recordings, web pages and digital content. In addition:

  • We strive to employ passionate, diverse and forward-thinking people
  • We offer a challenging and stimulating work environment
  • We have a huge and varied range of jobs
  • We offer a competitive salary and benefits

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How do I find out more?

All our apprenticeship vacancies are advertised on the government's Find an Apprenticeship website. Keep an eye on our website or follow us on social media as we plan to offer more opportunities later in the year.

For more information on apprenticeships and to find out if you’re eligible, take a look on the government’s Get in Go Far website.

Find out more about working at the British Library.

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