Architectural Photography Masterclass 2017

Participants on this adult learning course developed their creative practice and explored the connected history of photography and architecture.

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From the earliest surviving camera photograph, Niépce’s view of buildings made in 1826/7, photographers have been inspired and challenged by the built environment. And as architecture has evolved, so has architectural photography, moving from conventional representations to those that experiment with composition, focus, viewpoint and light.

Over one weekend in June 2017, participants were invited to develop their own creative practice at a practical masterclass, offered in collaboration with the Royal Institute of British Architecture (RIBA). We took inspiration from over a century of architectural photography at RIBA, exploring their extensive archives with Valeria Carullo, Curator, The Robert Elwall Photographs Collection. We then relocated to the British Library, where we focused our cameras on our iconic building, putting theory into practice with photographer Marianne Holm Hansen.

Our course was designed to help participants develop critical and creative skills for engaging with the built environment through photography. They were encouraged to explore their own style and approach, and gained the technical and theoretical knowledge to develop their photography practice. Participants created a photographic narrative of architecture, which we have showcased on this webpage.

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