Archiving Activism

Protesters carrying a large banner that says #rentstrike

New website on the challenges of archiving protest movements.

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Archiving Activism explores the ways in which radical, feminist, and at times illegal, protest actions are archived. It aims to inspire people to further engage with radical histories and to discuss the practice, and importance, of collecting, curating and communicating archives of activism.

This web resource has been developed in collaboration with the British Library by PhD students Rachel Tavernor (University of Sussex) and Catherine Oliver (University of Birmingham) following their research placements in 2016-17.

The website also provides guides to British Library collections and resources – starting with a guide on housing activism, curated by Rachel Tavernor, and a forthcoming section on animal activism, curated by Catherine Oliver.

Image: Rent Strike Banner at the March for Europe by Alisdare Hickson, CC BY-NC 2.0


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