Bollinger Singapore Digitisation Project

A Malay manuscript written in Arabic script, with decorated frames in red and green on both opening pages.
Hikayat Nabi Yusuf, the Malay story of the Prophet Joseph, copied in Perlis, 1802. British Library, MSS Malay D.4, ff. 3v-4r.

This collaborative project with the National Library Board of Singapore digitised materials in the British Library of interest to Singapore.

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About the project

In 2013, through the generous support of William and Judith Bollinger, the British Library embarked upon a five-year project, in collaboration with the National Library Board of Singapore, to digitise materials in the British Library of interest to Singapore. The project initially focussed on Malay manuscripts, early maps of Singapore, and archival papers of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, who had founded a British trading settlement in Singapore in 1819. The project later also encompassed Bugis manuscripts, reflecting the cultural heritage of a distinctive community in Singapore, and Qur’an manuscripts from Southeast Asia. The digitised materials are accessible through the British Library's Digitised Manuscripts and the National Library of Singapore's BookSG.

What has been digitised?

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