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Year-long professional development projects for emerging global leaders

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The British Library awards two professional development fellowships each year through a special collaboration with Chevening, the UK government’s international awards scheme aimed at developing global leaders.

Each fellowship takes the form of a unique project-based placement that will support British Library staff to capitalise on the breadth and depth of our collections and expertise, enable new types of research, inform strategy and foster international collaboration.

Upon completion of their projects, our fellows join the highly regarded global network of Chevening alumni. We are delighted to be part of a programme that will build a community international ambassadors for the value of professional research and personal development at the British Library.


Current projects

Manuscript textiles in the Southeast Asian collections

Fellow: Methaporn Singhanan

Supervisor: Jana Igunma (Ginsburg Curator for Thai Lao Cambodian, BL South East Asian Projects)


Projects completed

Ukrainian collections at the British Library: past, present, future

Fellow: Nadiia Strishenets

Supervisor: Katya Rogatchveskaia (Lead Curator East European Collections)


Latin American Indigenous languages in early printed books 

Fellow: Isela Xospa

Supervisor: Iris Bachmann (Curator, Latin American Published Collections)


Research on digitised archival material from Latin America and the Caribbean (2019-2020)

Fellow: Chantelle Richardson

Supervisors: Jody Butterworth (Curator, Endangered Archives Programme), Phil Hatfield (Head of Eccles Centre for American Studies)


Research on the British Library’s African-language printed books collections  (2019-2020)

Fellow: Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún

Supervisor: Marion Wallace (Lead Curator, Africa)


Academy and Society in the Balkans 1850-1950 (2018-2019)

Fellow: Sanja Stepanovic-Todorovic

Supervisor: Milan Grba (Lead Curator South-East European Collections)


Exploring and enhancing the British Library’s Turkic-language collections (2018-2019)

Fellow: Akmal Bazarbaev

Supervisor: Michael Erdman (Curator, Turkish and Turkic Collections)


Endangered Archives – North Africa and the Middle East  (2018-2019)

Fellow: Rihana Suliman

Supervisor: Jody Butterworth (Curator, Endangered Archives Programme)


Nationalism, Independence, and Partition in South Asia, 1900-1950 (2017-2018)

Fellow: Parthasarathi Bhaumik

Supervisor: Antonia Moon (Lead Curator, post-1858 India Office Records)


News and Media in South Asia: Past and Present (2016-2017)

Fellow: Junaid-ul-Hassan Sheikh

Supervisor: Arani Ilankuberan (Curator South Indian Collections)

Big data and libraries (2016-2017)

Fellow: Oluwaseun Obasola

Supervisor: Maja Maricevic (Head of Higher Education)


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Junaid-Ul-Hassan is a Chevening Fellow working at the British Library on a project titled ‘News and Media in South Asia: Past and Present’.