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CLOSER, the home of longitudinal research, brings together world-leading longitudinal studies to maximise their use, value and impact and improve our understanding of key social and biomedical challenges

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The Cohort and Longitudinal Studies Enhancement Resource - CLOSER - is the home of UK longitudinal research. CLOSER brings together nineteen unique longitudinal population studies involving participants born throughout the 20th and 21st Centuries, to maximise the impact of research, data resources and evidence base generated by the studies.


CLOSER does this by:

  • bringing data from across the studies together in a consistent format – a process known as data harmonisation - to enable research into how and why the UK is changing over time;

  • linking data collected by the studies and UK Government across a range of areas, including health, geography and education to gain rich insights into how different aspects of people’s lives interrelate;

  • enabling researchers to search and browse questionnaires and datasets from the studies to find out what data are available in unprecedented detail through CLOSER Discovery;

  • providing learning, training and capacity building opportunities for those involved in longitudinal research through CLOSER Learning Hub and events;

  • supporting innovative, cross-study research projects and longitudinal resource developments;

  • and engaging with UK Government, policy makers, NGOs, and the third sector to maximise the impact of longitudinal research in biomedical, health, social, economic and environmental contexts.

Our Role


The British Library has been a partner on CLOSER since its inception in 2012. Rachael Kotarski (Head of Research Infrastructure Services at the Library) is as a member of CLOSER Executive and Leadership teams and supports the strategic planning, impact and engagement strands of CLOSER.


This role enables the Library to gain insights from, and contribute to, contemporary biosocial research and its evolving approaches to data infrastructure, discovery, access and reuse.

Project Partners


Funded by UK Research and Innovation through the Economic and Social Research Council, CLOSER comprises nineteen unique longitudinal population studies working in partnership, together with the British Library, UK Data Service and UCL Social Research Institute.