Collective Wisdom

Glass plate negative of Palmer's Mystery Hike No. 2 photographed by Tom Lennon
Glass negative, quarter plate, Palmer's Mystery Hike No. 2, Tom Lennon, Sydney, Australia, 10 July 1932

Capturing the collective wisdom of researchers and practitioners in crowdsourcing

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Crowdsourcing is a form of digitally-enabled participation that promises deeper, more engaged relationships with the public via meaningful tasks with collections. Funded by the AHRC, the Collective Wisdom project brings together world-leading experts to document the state of the art in designing, managing and integrating crowdsourcing activities, and to look ahead to future challenges and unresolved issues that could be addressed by larger, longer-term collaboration on methods for digitally-enabled participation.


The overarching goal of this project is to:

  • Foster an international community of practice in crowdsourcing in cultural heritage
  • Capture and disseminate the state of the art and promote knowledge exchange in crowdsourcing and digitally-enabled participation
  • Set a research agenda and generate shared understandings of unsolved or tricky problems that could lead to future funding applications

The project will produce:

  • An open access book that provides the definitive guide to designing, managing and integrating crowdsourcing activities, created during the above event
  • A white paper that outlines emerging, intractable and unsolved challenges that could be addressed by further funding for collaborative work

Project Partners

The Collective Wisdom project is led by Principal Investigator Dr Mia Ridge (British Library) and Co-Investigators Dr Meghan Ferriter (Library of Congress) and Dr Sam Blickhan (Zooniverse).