Delius, Modernism, and the Sound of Place

Painted portrait of Frederick Delius

This project used new technologies to make information about Frederick Delius clearer and more accessible than ever before to scholars, performers, and audiences.

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Delius, Modernism, and the Sound of Place was a collaboration between the Faculty of Music at the University of Oxford, the Danish Centre for Music Publication at the Royal Library, Denmark and the British Library. 

The project was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and ran from October 2015 to September 2016.

Frederick Delius (1862-1934) was an important composer of the late-19th and early-20th centuries. Although known as an English composer, he spent much of his life abroad, and wrote music inspired by time spent in France, Florida, and Scandinavia.

Our understanding of what this internationalism meant has been hampered by a lack of research in comparison with other composers active at the time, particularly in the area of musical analysis.

Using the British Library’s collection of materials relevant to Delius, the project built a digital catalogue with specialist software developed in Denmark.

The project developed new insights into Delius’s music and his relationship with different places and the international cultural movement of modernism. 

As well as improving academic knowledge, this project brought understanding to wider audiences in the musical community, through a series of events for researchers, A-level students, and the public.

Key British Library partner: Dr Joanna Bullivant

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