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Know Your Place – West of England is a digital mapping project. It lets you plot your historical knowledge onto early Ordnance Survey (OS) maps. The project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and led by South Gloucestershire Council.

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Our contribution to the project

We worked with the National Library of Scotland to provide the Know Your Place project with OS 25 inch survey maps of Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire. The maps show each county in hand-coloured, exact detail.  These out-of-copyright County Series and Town Plans are the basis of the project.

The British Library digitised its first edition copies of the maps of the three counties. The National Library of Scotland provided later editions of OS maps and Town Plan series.

Once digitised, the maps were geo-referenced and overlaid to produce a single interactive map for each county and edition. Through these maps it is possible to illustrate the changes to the counties over time.

Explore the maps

Know Your Place lets you explore the historic maps. You can also contribute your own local knowledge to the resource.

The National Library of Scotland's digital OS maps are also freely available online.

Further information

The KYPblog has more information about developments to the Know Your Place project.

Until April 2017, Know Your Place will have a travelling exhibition to promote the rich heritage of the West of England.


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