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Whether you're a full-time writer, a freelancer or a blogger, there are many ways you can work with us.

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Guidelines for authors

We welcome submissions from potential new authors for popular books relating to the Library’s collections. Please check our catalogue for an example of the books we seek to commission.

We publish around 20 non-fiction books a year in subjects broadly relating to the collections of the British Library, including history, cartography, literature, manuscripts, and art and design.

We do not currently publish new fiction, drama, poetry, autobiographies or memoirs.

Please send submissions to the Publisher. Your submission should consist of a two-page synopsis of approx. 1,000–1,500 words with a covering letter describing:

  • the nature of your project – aims and scope, word length, use of illustrations, etc.
  • your relevant experience/qualifications
  • the target readership
  • any competing titles of which you are aware.

We will endeavour to reply within six weeks to each proposal that follows the above guidelines and falls within our listed subjects. However, at some of our busiest times of year and due to the large number of proposals received, it may not always be possible to adhere to this timeframe.

Guidelines for freelancers

We work closely with a range of freelance editors, designers and illustrators. We encourage freelancers who have not worked with us before to email the Publisher with a sample or link to your work, as well as your previous experience and qualifications.

Guidelines for reviewers and bloggers

If you are a reviewer or have your own blog and you are interested in reviewing our books, we would love to hear from you. To be considered for our review or blogger list, or to request a specific title for review, please email us with a link to your blog and details of the genres or subjects that you are interested in reviewing.

Please refer to our catalogue for more information on the books we publish.

For trade enquiries please see our dedicated Trade page.

For publicity enquiries please email Thomas Irvine.

For sales enquiries please email our Sales team.

For general enquiries please email our Editorial team.