Collaborative Doctoral Students at the British Library

Female collaborative PhD student working at a desk in the British Library office.

Overview of current collaborative doctoral projects

  • Gordon Allinson: Cultivating Inclusive ‘Place-based’ Entrepreneurship Support Across the UK: Exploring the Impact of the British Library’s Business & Intellectual Property Centre (BIPC) National Network (ESRC NWSS; University of Liverpool)
  • Linda Berube: Understanding UK Digital Comics Information and Publishing Practices: From Creation to Consumption (AHRC CDP; City University London)
  • Dominic Bridge: Music Publishing in the British Isles, 1750-1850 (AHRC CDP; University of Liverpool)
  • Anthony Chapman-Joy: Caricatures from the Franco-Prussian War and the Paris Commune (1870-71) (AHRC CDP; Royal Holloway, University London)
  • Amy Crinnion: Listening to the Listeners: An Oral History of Talking Therapists (AHRC CDP; University of Essex)
  • Jonny Elling: The Michael Hamburger Archive: Mediating European Literature (AHRC CDP; University of Bristol)
  • Thomas Gebhart: Collecting UK Digital Comics: Social, Cultural and Technological Factors for Cultural Institutions (AHRC CDP; University of the Arts)
  • Giulia Gilmore: Appropriating a Conqueror: The Legend of Alexander the Great in Late Antique and Medieval Manuscripts (AHRC CDP; Durham University)
  • Angelique Golding: The History of a Little Magazine and the Material Conditions Affecting the Publication and Reception of BAME Writing in Britain, 1980-2020 (AHRC LAHP; Queen Mary University London)
  • Rosie Higman: Open Access and the Role of the National Library (AHRC CDP; University of Sheffield)
  • Alastair Horne: How Mobile Phones Are Changing Storytelling (AHRC CDP; Bath Spa University)
  • Sarah Kirk-Browne: 100 Years of Continuity and Change in Spoken British English (ESRC LISS; Queen Mary University London)
  • Liam Markey: Mediating Militarism: Chronicling 100 Years of British ‘Military Victimhood’ from Print to Digital, 1918-2018 (ESRC NWSS; University of Liverpool)
  • Nell Nixon: Promoting Inclusive Access, Discoverability and Use of British Library Digital Learning Resources for Young People (AHRC Techne; University of Loughborough)
  • Helena Rutkowska: The First History of Elizabethan England: The Making of William Camden's Annals (AHRC OOC; University of Oxford/Open University)
  • Laura Sheppard: Gendering the Research Pipeline (ESRC UBEL; UCL)
  • Rebecca Slatcher: North American Indigenous Languages in the British Library's Post-1850 Collections (AHRC CDP; University of Hull)
  • Matthew Stephens: Short-lived Newspapers: Reassessing Success and Failure in the 19th-Century Press (AHRC CDP; Edge Hill University)
  • Anna Turnham: Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots (AHRC CDP; University of Kent)
  • Julia Volkmar: Transitional Justice, Oral History and Reconciliation in Germany and Northern Ireland: The Role of Archives and Digital Thinking (EU Marie Curie COFUND; Queen’s University Belfast)
  • Jennie Williams: Mapping Knowledge with Data Science (ESRC LISS; King’s College London)
  • Kirstie Stage: Labour and Livelihoods of Disabled People in Britain, c.1970-2015 (AHRC OOC: University of Cambridge)
  • Raphaëlle Goyeau: Investigating the Origins and Development of the Cotton Collection at the British Library (AHRC CDP: University of East Anglia)
  • Cameron Huggett: From Viv Anderson to Black Lives Matter: Racism and Anti-Racism Within British Football Fanzines and Fan Websites, 1970-present (AHRC CDP: Teesside University)

AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Partnerships

Up to four AHRC PhD studentships are available each year to support collaborative research projects drawing on our collections, resources and expertise.