From the fall of Russia’s last Tsar to the rise of the first communist state, discover how the seismic revolution of 1917 changed both a country and a world through expert articles and collection items.


Reporting the Revolution

Reporting the Russian Revolution

Katie McElvanney explores how events of the Russian Revolution and civil wars were reported within Russia and abroad, and how the press was used to inform, persuade, or even repress, the masses.

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Propaganda in the Russian Revolution

Propaganda in the Russian Revolution

Katya Rogatchevskaia, Lead Curator of East European Collections at the British Library, discusses the various forms of propaganda in circulation during the Russian Revolution.

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Timeline of the Russian Revolution

Timeline of the Russian Revolution

From the final years of the last tsars of Russia to the establishment of the Communist Party, learn more about the key events of the Russian Revolution.

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Violence and terror in the Russian Revolution

Violence and terror in the Russian Revolution

Collaborative Doctoral student Mike Carey looks at the ideologies of violence and violent practices driving the Russian Revolution and the civil war.

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Women and the Russian Revolution

Women and the Russian Revolution

Katie McElvanney explores how women’s lives changed during the Russian Revolution, tracing the history of female revolutionaries in Russia and the different ways women documented and participated in events.

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Blog posts

UNOVIS – the Bauhaus of the East

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

This year is the centenary of the Bauhaus, prompting worldwide celebrations from Brazil to the UK, from Germany to China. The Bauhaus as a school of art and architecture is long gone, but as a marketing and PR campaign it...

A librarian’s death on Lake Onega - Roger James Chomeley

Thursday, September 5, 2019

The British Librarians’ memorial at the British Library records the names of 142 persons who died during the First World War. Two died after the signing of the Peace Treaty at Versailles on 28 June 1919. Captain Roger James Chomeley...

Finliandets: the magazine of the Imperial Russian Finland Guard Regiment in Exile

Friday, July 5, 2019

The British Library holds a range of fascinating Russian-language periodicals published by Russian émigrés across the globe. The newspapers, magazines and journals published by the Russian community abroad during the interwar period is particularly rich. A new wave of Russian...

The Federal Theatre Project's 'Living Newspapers'

Friday, February 1, 2019

Last month we celebrated the life of Hallie Flanagan, director of the ground-breaking Federal Theatre Project (1935-39). This blog will look at one of the Federal Theatre’s most innovative and controversial accomplishments: the ‘Living Newspapers’. It will also share our...

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