About the project

Discovering Sacred Texts is a new online learning resource, designed for Religious Education students and teachers as well as lifelong learners. The site allows visitors to explore the world’s major faiths through our collections of sacred texts.

Our resource features content on the six most-practiced faiths in the UK – Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism – as well as a number of other faiths, including the Baha’i Faith, Jainism and Zoroastrianism. The site showcases over 270 digitised collection items, alongside articles written by academics, curators and faith leaders, film content and teachers’ resources.

We are grateful to the following advisors and partners for their support:

Prof Tim Barrett, School of Oriental and African Studies, London
Lat Blaylock, RE Today
Dr Robert Bowie, National Institute for Christian Education Research, Canterbury Christ Church University
Mark Chater
Dr Harriet Crabtree, Interfaith Network
Prof Nicholas de Lange, University of Cambridge
Dr Jeevan Deol
Monsignor Matthew Dickens, Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark
Dr Lucia Dolce, School of Oriental and African Studies, London
Dr Ahmad al Dubayan. Director General of the Islamic Cultural Centre, London
Rev Dr Paul Goodliff, Churches Together in England
Rania Hafez, University of Greenwich
Dr Erica Hunter, School of Oriental and African Studies, London
The Institute of Ismaili Studies
Dr Christine Joynes, University of Oxford
Rabbi Abraham Levy
Prof Julius Lipner, University of Cambridge
Prof Werner Menski, School of Oriental and African Studies, London
Rev Canon Mark Oakley, University of Cambridge
Venerable Phramaha Bhatsakorn Piyobhaso, Buddhapadipa Temple London
Shaunaka Rishi Das, Oxford Centre of Hindu Studies
Rabbi Jonathan Romain, Maidenhead Synagogue
Prof Alec Ryrie, Durham University
Prof Anna Sapir Abulafia, University of Oxford
Dr Mustafa Shah, School of Oriental and African Studies, London
Paul Smalley, Edge Hill University
Alexis Stones, University College London
Dr Opinderjit Takhar, University of Wolverhampton
Prof Joan Taylor, King’s College London
Father Alexander Tefft, St Botolph’s Orthodox Church, London
Dr Maya Warrier, University of Winchester
Rabbi Debbie Young-Somers, Reform Judaism

Discovering Sacred Texts is a free resource that offers visitors the opportunity to explore the richness and diversity of the world’s great faiths, and learn about the deep connections and common threads that link them. While it is not possible to represent all faiths, denominations and points of view, the resource seeks to represent as broad a cross section of religious beliefs and practices as is possible to support the current curriculum for Religious Education.

Discovering Sacred Texts has been supported since its inception by Mr David Dangoor, Dangoor Education.

The vision and ambition of Discovering Literature has been supported by Dr Naim Dangoor CBE, Dangoor Education.


Our project has been generously supported by Allchurches Trust.

Generously supported by Allchurches Trust

Our project has also been kindly supported by:

The Al-Khoei Foundation
American Trust for the British Library
The Andor Charitable Trust
The Eccles Centre for American Studies
Friends of the British Library
Hockerill Educational Foundation
The Inlight Trust
The John S Cohen Foundation
Kirby Laing Foundation
The Owen Family Trust
P F Charitable Trust
Roberta and Stephen Rosefield
Shoresh Charitable Trust
The World Federation of KSIMC

The British Library would also like to thank all supporters who wish to remain anonymous.