Get creative with exciting activities inspired by our collections. Listen to our Sound Archive, join in with our favourite stories and explore sensory materials you can find at home.

Have fun and use your imagination!


  • Image showing a plastic bottle with beads inside, an open plastic pot with elastic bands stretched over the opening, a toilet roll with waxed paper secured over one end with an elastic band and a hole made in the middle and a piece of cardboard folded so that two metal bottle tops attached on either end meet each other.

    Sound Seekers!

    Our seasides are full of both familiar and unusual human and animal sounds. Join us to bring the sounds of the seaside into your home or school!

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    What’s that sound?

    Join storyteller Paul Rubinstein to investigate our sound archive, play guessing games, and explore new and wonderful recorded sounds.

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    A clown jumping in the air, with chairs toppling below him

    Story soundtrack

    Find out how to make a weird and wonderful soundtrack for a story.

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  • A bird sculpture made from craft materials sits on a tree branch outside.

    Singing birds

    Tweet! Tweet! What’s that sound? These little birds are hatching from your egg-boxes. Find out how to create some feathered friends with this fun and simple craft activity inspired by bird songs.

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    Animal actions

    Imagine you are an animal moving through the woods, jungle, beach or sea. What can you see and hear? Have fun moving like some of your favourite animals with props you can find at home or school.

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    Story teller Sandra Agard, wearing purple, faces the camera in order to begin telling a story

    The Naughty Dog

    Join storyteller Sandra Agard for a retelling of a classic Aesop fable featuring a talking dog. Our storytelling videos are designed for you to enjoy as a family or with friends. So get ready to cozy up together and be transported by Sandra’s wonderful stories.

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    The tiger who came to tea. Illustration. The tiger is standing in a kitchen, a young girl hugs his neck

    Create a talking animal

    Find ideas and inspiration to create animal characters for your very own stories.

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  • Storyteller Dani is crouched in front of a rainbow umbrella. She is holding a flag cut in to the shape of a crescent moon.

    The Missing Miniature Book

    Join storyteller Dani Bradstreet as she embarks on a fun space adventure to find a missing miniature book.

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    Build a giant book

    What kind of books do you think giants would read? Have a go at making a book worthy of a giant’s bookshelf using materials found around your home or school.

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    A adult's hand holding an open a miniature book

    Make a miniature book

    What’s the smallest book you can think of? Who would you read it with? Learn how to make your own tiny book!

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    Thumbnail crop for miniature books by famous authors showing Axel Scheffler with some mini books

    Miniature books by your favourite authors

    Delve into tiny, handmade books by Jacqueline Wilson, Axel Scheffler, Philip Ardagh, Joseph Coelho,Katherine Rundell, Viviane Schwarz and Jane Porter. Then get tips for writing your own mini book from author, S F Said.

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