Beyond the EstablishmentBloomsbury lies at the heart of cultural and intellectual London, famed for its museums, universities and literary heritage. Matthew Ingleby's new history ranges across the neighbourhood to explore hidden corners and reveal unexpected connections between Bloomsbury's past and present, its buildings and its people, its austere towers and its garden squares.

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Ingleby examines the facets of Bloomsbury that have shaped its identity – its long association with youth and beginnings; its proud secularism and scepticism; and its role as London's centre of thinking, writing and publishing. He draws on the voices of Bloomsbury's most observant residents, such as Charles Dickens and Virginia Woolf, to explain the character of the place in a fresh and engaging new way.Explores the hidden secrets of Bloomsbury and the surprising connections between its past and present.Features archival and contemporary illustrations from the British Library’s extensive collections.

Matthew Ingleby
British Library
Publication date
September 2017
208 pages

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